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Discover Your Perfect Job

Looking for career change ideas?

Everyone has a unique talent. Some people discover it early on in life but it is never too late to change career! We can provide you with career change help and advice.

How good are your CV & LinkedIn Profile?

Have you spotted a job that you want? All that stands between you are the job is your CV, covering letter and LinkedIn profile. How good are they?

Does your career lack purpose?

Having a purpose gives your life real meaning. Once you find your purpose, things begin to fall into place. We can help you to find and follow your purposeful career path.

Company Outplacement Services

Individually designed programmes offered to employees facing a career transition. Detailed assessment of future career preferences and 1-to-1 support provided.

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Outplacement Assistance for Career Transitions

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional careers, navigating transitions requires more than just a resume update. Outplacement assistance is a specialised service designed to guide individuals through the complexities of career changes, providing them with the tools, resources, and support needed to transition smoothly and successfully into new opportunities.

Is it Time to Change Career?

Delve into the intricacies of making a career change and understand when it’s time, how to prepare for it, and what to expect. We’ll guide you through the journey of self-discovery and practical decision-making, ensuring that when the time comes to make a change, you’re ready to take the leap with confidence.

Sarah Berry

Internationally recognised career consultant and the author of twelve career titles.

Sarah inspires individuals to follow their passion in life whether they feel they are at a career cross-roads or stuck in a career rut. She, herself, follows her passion balancing life and work in a way that keeps her motivated, fresh and open to life’s opportunities.

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Career Consultants Online Limited

Career Consultants On-Line Ltd is the UK’s leading on-line Career Consultancy. The company operates from offices around the world with its head office in London.

Our consultants, all specialists in their fields of work, offer clients a fast, efficient and personal service.

Sarah Berry is Managing Director of the company, which was established in 1992. Sarah is an internationally recognised career consultant, broadcaster and the author of five career books published by Hodder Stoughton and Ward Lock, Cassell.

100% Client Satisfaction


Having been with the same employer for 11 years, returning to the job market was a daunting experience. Sarah’s support package first helped me quickly get up to speed with searching for a job in the present times. Sarah assisted me in getting my LinkedIn profile up to date and drawing out the critical skills from my experience.

Aside from helping me pull together a CV and LinkedIn profile that has generated interest in the key areas I was looking for work, Sarah’s process helped me focus on what I want out of a career and look at the environment that allows me to produce my best work.

Throughout the process, Sarah regularly checked on me and ensured I took all the correct steps to help me secure a new role that was right for me.

Sarah’s assistance, insights and feedback turned what could have been a stressful process into a new journey of possibilities and opportunities.

I have already recommended Sarah to someone looking at reviewing their career and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her again.

Francis Allotey(Financial Planning and Analysis Manager)

Like many others, I was unfortunately made redundant in October 2023, from the company I had worked at for 15 years. I went through a range of emotions, including angst, worrying about how I’d find a replacement position, and an overwhelming question of my value. However, finding and then working with Sarah and her team of specialists at Career Consultants helped me to navigate redundancy with a tried and tested plan and blue-print to follow.

The rebranding of my CV and LinkedIn profile increased my engagement with recruiters, headhunters and hiring employers, and the consultancy calls helped to rebuild my confidence after the job loss and keep my motivation high during the two-and-half-month transition. I gained a great insight into my personality, and learned again how to sell my benefits to employers. I’d normally say this isn’t a sales approach, however on this occasion, it really is!

Without hesitation, I can highly recommend Career Consultants for Outplacement services, and best of all I feel refreshed and ready to take on my new career challenge. Thank you, Sarah and all at Career Consultants!

Mark Crooke(Director of Client Success)

It is very clear that Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of career management. The advice provided to me has been very valuable and has helped secure my new position. I would very much recommend procuring Sarah’s professional services particularly for those seeking a clearer direction for their career ambitions.

Umair Farooq BEng, PhD, CEng, MICE(International Project Management)

I worked with Sarah over a 12 month period in order to enhance my online profile and bring order to my LinkedIn offering. Sarah is a person who is happy moving you out of your comfort zone in order for you to succeed. She brought a number of new tools, ideas and suggestions into play that I had never considered before. I would recommend Sarah and the services she has to offer.

Stuart Birkwood(Hotel General Manager)

When you find yourself in a new country with no clear idea on how to break into the job market let alone change your career, Sarah at Career Consultants should be your first stop. Sarah and I created a very marketable CV and cover letters, 500 new contacts in Linked-in which has since created new opportunities. Her methods are helpful and useful. Thanks Sarah.

Anna Crane(Freelance Creative Director)

Looking to change career? Well, I can’t recommend Sarah Berry highly enough.

I am very grateful to Sarah and her team for guiding me through a career change from Head Teacher into an exciting new role with a Defence Manufacturing firm.

When I first approached Sarah, I needed a complete change of career. Sarah helped me to identify my hard skills, business strengths, and develop that all-important career plan. I am now embarking on a new and exciting chapter in my career.

The career change programme is comprehensive, personalised and highly effective. Sarah and her team are incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the process.

I highly recommend Career Consultants to anyone looking to make a career change from teaching to something new and exciting. They provide invaluable support and guidance, and their expertise was certainly valuable in helping me embrace a new challenge in my career.

James Kelwick(People and Capability Lead)

Working with Sarah helped me to deal with the overwhelming feeling that I needed to move from a Secondary School Principal into something else.

The exploratory exercises and work we did gave me clarity of thought and allowed me the space to look closely at what I wanted to do next. The decision was then much easier to make and allowed me to examine the skills that I have developed over time and look at how I could utilise them elsewhere.

I am very happy to say that I have secured my next role and couldn’t be happier about it. I will always look back fondly at my time in education but change is a good thing!

Lois Harrison(Senior Safeguarding Manager)

I’ve worked with Sarah over an 8-year period and she has made a huge impact on my career. Her expert consultancy has raised my professional profile, helped me secure the progression I wanted and inspired me to go further.

Sarah takes the time to listen and really understand your situation, offer practical advice and achievable goals that lead to success. I have benefitted immensely from Sarah’s support and will continue to work with her!

Zeb Farooq MBE(Bid Manager)

Working with Sarah and her team has been life changing. I was able to heal and regain focus and clarity of purpose. With renewed confidence and energy, the tools and techniques provided by Sarah meant I was ready for the role I wanted when the time was right.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone looking for their career purpose and committed to finding it. I expect to work with Sarah again for personal development through her coaching expertise.

Andrew Marson(Chief Operating Officer)

A very big thank you, Sarah, as I have found my perfect job and one which fully meets all my Career Wants. And within the same week, I received 7 other invites to attend interview. The process you guided me through worked extremely well and I will recommend you to everyone I know who might need your support. I will be the new Coordinator for a network of social and environmental organisations in Exeter (called Food Exeter) who are working on issues of local sustainable food production and tackling food poverty. I am excited to be taking this next step in my career.

Karen Inwood(Global Strategy Lead)

Sarah’s advices to me were keen on making my LinkedIn profile gain visibility to the right network. It helped me increase the number of connections, and profile views, which led to a new job opportunity in just a couple of months!

Apart from this, Sarah is great to work with. She’s clear, concise and very responsive!

Thank you, Sarah, for all your support during this amazing transformation experience.

Cristiane Coca Pitzer(Accredited Trainer)

Sarah really helped me secure the job in the industry I wanted. We had constant dialogue as she started off with a brand new CV which was a major upgrade from my previous CV. After getting no responses from my previous CV, this CV made me more attractive to my target employers. I can’t thank her enough for encouraging me to rethink my CV format and the overall message that I was conveying to employers. I will not hesitate to refer Career Consultants’ services to job-hunters in the future.

Toye Olatunbosun(Independent Contractor)

I can sincerely say, that without Sarah, I could have not made the career move I wanted to do! Her direct and very informative style helped me to see the position I was in, objectively. I felt that she believed in me even when nobody else did -including myself. I believe all good change start with putting things in perspective; and with a ‘human touch’ – I am very grateful for Sarah’s help on my journey!

Istvan Szanda, PhD, EMBA (Hons)(CEO)

Coincidence that I ended up working with Sarah to review my career direction? More likely that the time was nigh. And what a great guide, coach, consummate professional Sarah is. It’s been a delight Sarah, thank you! The future looks bright again!

Mark Sean Elliott(Senior Performance Reporting Analyst)

With Sarah’s help, CV was given a much needed update to become a much more effective tool. Thanks to her help I have just been given my dream position and am so excited to join the UK workforce.

Dan Symonds(Founder and Director)

I found out about Sarah through LinkedIn and the books that she has written. I wanted some help with making my CV look more professional and hence approached her. She was very professional and very prompt and efficient through the entire process. She radically changed the format and structure of my CV and pushed me to find real life examples to demonstrate each and every skills and qualities I had highlighted in my CV. As a result of her efforts I found that my CV gave a far better representation of my experience, skills and what I bring to an organisation as compared to my old CV. I would hence definitely recommend her services.

Kanishk Swarup(Equity Derivatives Trader)

Working with Sarah has been for me an eye opening experience. Thanks to Sarah’s insightful and thorough analysis of my personality, skills, work achievements and experience I was able to express myself as a professional in a way I would never be able to on my own. Sarah’s services are not just about making your profile or CV to standout from the crowd, she worked closely with me on realising true potentials locked by my superstitions and old habits.

Sarah has provided me with invaluable career advice that benefits me to this very day, not mentioning I’ve landed a perfect contract within 1 month of working together. One thing is 100% sure – working hard with Sarah will get you out of your comfort zone and force to look at yourself from a completely different perspective.

Thank you Sarah, I will be definitely back for this reality check again.

Gosia Sikorska(Project Manager International)

Sarah you helped me with my CV a few weeks s ago as it was of crucial importance on my journey towards getting a new account/sales executive job. Companies started noticing me much more and the application – reply ratio really improved. Quite few interviewers even told me that they really like my CV. After 5 interviews I finally got the job offer I wanted so thank you very much.

Jakub Nunuk(Operations & Sales Manager)

Sarah is a consummate professional, an expert in her field, and a pleasure to work with. Her deep understanding of her subject matter and her naturally collaborative nature means she is able to give excellent insights, and generate real tangible value for the client.

Freya Blom(Deep Impact Coach & Coach Supervisor)

I used Sarah’s CV service and can honestly say that the process of self-examination was fascinating and the results were amazing, to the extent that not long after presenting my newly formatted CV, the Head of HR at a very large PLC told me that in 30 years, she had never seen a better-written CV! I continue to recommend your services to family and friends.

Thomas Parrott(Ambassador)

I have been complemented for my CV which reflects my varied comprehensive commercial experience. Whilst I take the credit for taking risks and actively seeking new experiences, the credit for bringing these out in my CV goes to you, Sarah. Many thanks!

Lina Brown(Commercial and M&A advisory and entrepreneurship)

Sarah worked with me on reviewing my career, encouraging me to assess my achievements, and to support my successes. During this period Sarah always gave me honest and unbiased feedback, allowing me to see my career progress from an alternative perspective. Her advice and support has allowed me to develop a new CV and LinkedIn profile, which I believe summarises my career history in a comprehensive and concise manner. I would happily recommend Sarah and her services, and already have done to a number of colleagues.

John Frieslaar(Chief Technology Officer Western Europe)

Working with Sarah added 10’s of £000’s to my salary and I would highly recommend her services. Sarah has a no-nonsense approach and was instrumental in helping me to see my value and skillset clearly, enabling a positive change. Rather than just talk Sarah’s guidance and support resulted in a tangible outcome and I have no doubt that I will be working with Sarah again in the future. Good luck Sarah and thank you for all you have done

Dean Sutton(Head of Broker Sales)

Thanks again, Sarah, for all the help and guidance you have given me in terms of developing my LinkedIn profile and CV so far. The number of connections and quality of the advice you have provided to date has been fantastic. You have also helped me source new connections that have enabled me to develop a new and very exciting career path.

Michael Karakashian(Project Manager)

I worked with Sarah when I was a Project Editor at BBC Books. I was impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and expertise around career development. As an author, she was a dream to work with – her manuscript was excellent and delivered on time, and she produced a book that was both interesting and very authoritative, which made it an excellent addition to the list.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah Berry as an author for any list as she writes from her own extensive experience and knowledge of her field in a way that allows her readers to put her advice into practice and get the outcome they seek. If you are looking for a reliable, expert and very professional author, Sarah would make an excellent choice.

Deborah Taylor(Book-Writing Coach)

Sarah, your help, guidance and revision of my CV have helped me get a new job. Your services have opened my eyes to the fact I can put myself first and have real value as a commodity.

Adam Polley(Production and After Sales Manager)

I discovered Sarah’s services purely by accident 10 years ago whilst browsing one of the very few online job boards that existed back then. She helped sculpt what was a rather poor attempt at a CV into something much more structured, focused and more importantly relevant. Had it not been for Sarah, I strongly believe I would not have had the opportunities to develop skills, experience nor career that I have achieved today. Thank you for bringing out the best of me in my cv.

Chris Patsalou(Senior Solutions Principal)

I engaged Sarah and Career Consultants to assist me re-structure my CV several years ago which resulted in an excellent outcome. I thoroughly recommend Sarah and her colleagues work.

Nick Stevenson(Project Manager)

Sarah provides advice and information on personal brand development that is second to none. The programmes she offers are impeccably designed and well thought out and offer exceptional value for money.

Rachel O’Toole(Senior Researcher)

Sarah was an invaluable help to me when I moved from Germany to the UK and had to align my CV with the expectations of the British job market and recruiters. She worked with me closely and supported me through the process of creating a very competitive CV aimed at the market I wanted to enter. I would be happy to recommend Sarah and have already done so. Thank you again.

Frederike Harms(Business Project Manager)

Flexible, sincere, great empathy and creative. Excellent at understanding client requirements and delivering an exceptional customer service. “The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” Highly recommended.

Paul Best(Director)