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Discover Your Perfect Job

Looking for career change ideas?

Everyone has a unique talent. Some people discover it early on in life but it is never too late to change career! We can provide you with career change help and advice.

How good are your CV & LinkedIn Profile?

Have you spotted a job that you want? All that stands between you are the job is your CV, covering letter and LinkedIn profile. How good are they?

Does your career lack purpose?

Having a purpose gives your life real meaning. Once you find your purpose, things begin to fall into place. We can help you to find and follow your purposeful career path.

Company Outplacement Services

Individually designed programmes offered to employees facing a career transition. Detailed assessment of future career preferences and 1-to-1 support provided.

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Woman Working At Home

Working From Home Tips For Success

If you’re reading this, you’re either working from home or just about to do so thanks to the anti-Coronavirus measures ordered by your government.

This might seem rather challenging right now, but remember that everyone has wobble moments and dark thoughts. So don’t be overwhelmed by what you see in the news. Look at this as an opportunity to raise your energy and find genuine passion for what you do.

Man with Face Mask

The Likely Impact of Coronavirus on My Job

As you’re no doubt aware, today’s coronavirus pandemic is a world-altering development which is impacting our daily lives in ways we’ve never seen before – and is certain to change your future job and career prospects.

It’s changed our working lives, smashed the financial markets with the fastest bear market in history, and revealed which of our governments and international organizations are capable of handling a crisis.

Sarah Berry

Internationally recognised career consultant and the author of twelve career titles.

Sarah inspires individuals to follow their passion in life whether they feel they are at a career cross-roads or stuck in a career rut. She, herself, follows her passion balancing life and work in a way that keeps her motivated, fresh and open to life’s opportunities.

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Career Consultants Online Limited

Career Consultants On-Line Ltd is the UK’s leading on-line Career Consultancy. The company operates from offices around the world with its head office in London.

Our consultants, all specialists in their fields of work, offer clients a fast, efficient and personal service.

Sarah Berry is Managing Director of the company, which was established in 1992. Sarah is an internationally recognised career consultant, broadcaster and the author of five career books published by Hodder Stoughton and Ward Lock, Cassell.

100% Client Satisfaction


Sarah was an invaluable help to me when I moved from Germany to the UK and had to align my CV with the expectations of the British job market and recruiters. She worked with me closely and supported me through the process of creating a very competitive CV aimed at the market I wanted to enter. I would be happy to recommend Sarah and have already done so. Thank you again.

Frederike Rhodes(Business Project Manager)

It is very clear that Sarah has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of career management. The advice provided to me has been very valuable and has helped secure my new position. I would very much recommend procuring Sarah’s professional services particularly for those seeking a clearer direction for their career ambitions.

Umair Farooq BEng, PhD, CEng, MICE(International Project Management)

Coincidence that I ended up working with Sarah to review my career direction? More likely that the time was nigh. And what a great guide, coach, consummate professional Sarah is. It’s been a delight Sarah, thank you! The future looks bright again!

Mark Sean Elliott(Senior Performance Reporting Analyst)

I worked with Sarah over a 12 month period in order to enhance my online profile and bring order to my LinkedIn offering. Sarah is a person who is happy moving you out of your comfort zone in order for you to succeed. She brought a number of new tools, ideas and suggestions into play that I had never considered before. I would recommend Sarah and the services she has to offer.

Stuart Birkwood(Hotel General Manager)

Working with Sarah added 10’s of £000’s to my salary and I would highly recommend her services. Sarah has a no-nonsense approach and was instrumental in helping me to see my value and skillset clearly, enabling a positive change. Rather than just talk Sarah’s guidance and support resulted in a tangible outcome and I have no doubt that I will be working with Sarah again in the future. Good luck Sarah and thank you for all you have done

Dean Sutton(Head of Broker Sales)

I found out about Sarah through LinkedIn and the books that she has written. I wanted some help with making my CV look more professional and hence approached her. She was very professional and very prompt and efficient through the entire process. She radically changed the format and structure of my CV and pushed me to find real life examples to demonstrate each and every skills and qualities I had highlighted in my CV. As a result of her efforts I found that my CV gave a far better representation of my experience, skills and what I bring to an organisation as compared to my old CV. I would hence definitely recommend her services.

Kanishk Swarup(Equity Derivatives Trader)

When you find yourself in a new country with no clear idea on how to break into the job market let alone change your career, Sarah at Career Consultants should be your first stop. Sarah and I created a very marketable CV and cover letters, 500 new contacts in Linked-in which has since created new opportunities. Her methods are helpful and useful. Thanks Sarah.

Anna Crane(Freelance Creative Director)